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    Stephen Venezia
    since 1967


    Stephen Venezia is a shoes luxury brand devoted to research and design.
    Our brand was founded by Francesco Bertollo, a passionate of shoes who attended the prestigious technical institute “ArsSutoria” in Milan.

    Today the artistic director is Stefano Bertollo, graduated at the technical institute and specialized by working with several world famous designers.
    He creates his own collection by looking at womanliness with an ironic and geometric eye.

    Stephen Venezia has deep roots in passionate work and respect for tradition, but is always looking for innovation in structure and shapes.

    In order to offer our clients always the best quality shoes, we exclusively select the most precious materials that are hand-crafted by expert artisans.

    Our production is entirely designed and developed in the North East of Italy, inside Calzaturificio Stephen srl Company, where several other international renowned Brands are also produced.

    Stephen Venezia is a must-have for self-confident, unconventional, ironic and strong woman.


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